The Equine Science Center’s Summer Showcase: The Science Behind Our Work

New Brunswick, NJ – The Equine Science Center had a great turn out for its annual Summer Showcase on Wednesday, July 8. Guests were able to witness “Horse Hero”, Marge on the high-speed treadmill. News 12 of New Jersey was there to capture her on film, which became a rotating segment on News 12 that day.

Guests were given a tour by Dr. Ken McKeever, of the equine research laboratory and learned how samples from experiments are processed. Dr. Carey Williams used the equine articulated skeleton, RU Wishbone, to teach the crowd horse anatomy. Wishbone was a hit with the younger crowd, and showed the differences and similarities between the equine and human skeletal structure. Laura Kenny played the part of Alex Trebek and hosted a horse Jeopardy game. The winners received a choice of their very own Lord Nelson beanie baby or a set of correspondence cards created by 4H members.

Guests walked away with a better knowledge of the science behind horses, as well as the importance of the Center’s mission to advance the well-being and performance of horses and the equine industry. Pictures from the event can be found on our facebook.