Equine Science Center Director Karyn Malinowski Presents at Opening Session of the 2011 World Trotting Conference

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (August 09, 2011) – Karyn Malinowski, director of the Rutgers Equine Science Center, presented “Quantifying the Importance of the Industry”, a scientific report on the socio-economic impact of horse racing to the equine industry and traditional agriculture during the opening session of the 22nd World Trotting Conference. The five-day conference, which was held at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, commenced on Thursday, August 4.


Malinowski spoke about the importance of quantifying the value of the equine industry by providing details regarding the research method and results from the Center’s award winning “The New Jersey Equine Industry 2007 Economic Impact Study”. The study proved the worth of the Standardbred and broader equine industries to New Jersey, and provided a framework under which such studies could be conducted in any jurisdiction.


“We not only did the study, but through a concerted effort with our public relations staff, we made sure members of the New Jersey legislature knew the results,” Malinowski said. “The research methodology used for our study is applicable in any country, state, or province around the world. In sharing this information with my peers, it is my hope that they too find practical application of this scientific method as they continue to advocate on behalf of the equine industry and the preservation of open space when they return home.”


Delegates and observers representing 16 countries and the European Trotting Union attended the conference which is hosted in the United States approximately once every 15 years. The conference provides a rare opportunity to network and exchange ideas with influential leaders in the harness racing industry from all around the world.
Each day of the conference had a specific theme to guide presentations and discussions. The opening session theme was “The State of the Industry”. Introduced by U.S. Trotting Association president Phil Langley, Hall of Fame driver John Campbell gave the keynote speech on Thursday. From Campbell’s viewpoint, the state of the industry in New Jersey has shifted from dire to hopeful. Subsequent themes included: Integrity and Regulation, Racing at its Finest, Marketing and Promotion, Equine Welfare, and Closing Business.


Other presenters included: Jacques Chartier, the general secretary of the European Trotting Union (UET), who spoke about the work of that organization to further harmonize racing and breeding rules and work to ensure the racing industry remains in control of the online market for race wagering. David Carr, the USTA’s director of information and research, reported on the current statistical abstract of the industry and identified trends, in the racing and breeding industries.


Rutgers Equine Science Center representatives Ryan Avenatti and Tim Manzi were tasked as scribes for the conference. Avenatti is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Animal Sciences and Manzi is an undergraduate student taking research credit hours at Rutgers University.


For more information about the Equine Science Center’s role in the 22nd World Trotting Conference, please contact Tiffany Cody at cody@njaes.rutgers.edu or 732-932-9419.


 Karyn Malinowski presenting during the World Trotting Conference.


Karyn Malinowski with students Ryan Avenatti and Tim Manzi at the World Trotting Conference.