Equine Science Center Announces Spring Webinar Series

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ (February 24, 2012) – The Rutgers Equine Science Center is gearing up for its annual Spring Webinar Series. By definition, a webinar is a seminar, presentation, and/or lecture transmitted over the internet. Webinars are designed to be interactive with the ability to give, receive, and discuss information. The webinar series is open to the public and registration is simple. Best of all, there is no fee to participate. This spring, the theme is “Responsible Horse Ownership.

The first webinar will be on Tuesday, April 3 at 7:00pm. Dr. Bill Day, Assistant Professor, Morrisville State College Equine Institute, SUNY Morrisville, will present “Horse Promotion and Marketability.” This talk was presented at the Horse Management Seminar in February, but it was so valuable that we wanted to make sure everyone could see it! Dr. Day will outline the factors that go into marketing horses and the different horse markets in the industry today. It will definitely improve your perspective on buying and selling horses! You can access this webinar at http://tinyurl.com/7j2ywar.

The second webinar will be on Tuesday, April 10 at 7:00pm. Dr. Carolyn Stull, Animal Welfare Specialist, Veterinary Medicine Extension, University of California, will present “Refeeding the Starved Horse.” This topic is extremely important for anyone considering horse rescue, whether as an organization or as an individual. Refeeding a starved horse is not as simple as it may seem, and this presentation will help horse rescuers avoid making mistakes that could harm their new horse. You can access this webinar at http://tinyurl.com/6wrjqvl. It is recommended to log on to the webinar 10-15 minutes before the start time in order to install the software and make sure the sound is working.

For complete information regarding the webinars, please go to the Equine Science Center website at esc.rutgers.edu or contact Laura Gladney at 848-932-3229, gladney@aesop.rutgers.edu, or Dr. Carey Williams at 848-932-5529, cwilliams@aesop.rutgers.edu.