2023 Horse Management Seminar Webinar Series – Archived Webinars

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual 2023 “Horse Management Seminar” webinar series.

All of the webinars have now been uploaded to our Library, and are available for viewing.

The “Research Driven Supplements” Session brought together Dr. Frank Andrews, Dr. Wendy Pearson, and Dr. Sarah White-Springer as a panel of experts speaking on their area of supplementation research.

Dr. Frank Andrews from Louisiana State University spoke on Ulcer Supplements, Dr. Wendy Pearson from the University of Guelph spoke on Antioxidant & Joint Supplements, and Dr. Sarah White-Springer from Texas A&M University spoke on Omega-3, Anti-inflammatory Supplements.


The “Nutritionally Related Disorders” Session brought together Dr. Kristine Urschel and Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips who covered areas including nutritional problems and regulation of muscle mass, and issues with having certain horses on pasture.

Dr. Kristine Urschel from the University of Kentucky spoke on “Nutritional Regulation Of Muscle Mass”, and Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips from North Carolina State spoke on “Potential Issues With Horses On Pasture”.


The “All Forage Diet” Session brought together Dr. Amanda Grev and Dr. Amy Burk to cover a lot of areas surrounding horses on pasture and all forage diets.

Dr. Amanda Grev from the University Of Maryland spoke on “Alfalfa: When Is It The Right Choice For Horses?”, and Dr. Amy Burk from the University of Maryland spoke on “Weight Loss Strategies And Management Of Horses On Pasture, And All Forage Diets”. More specifically some subtopics included weight loss strategies for overweight horses kept on pasture and making sure an all-forage diet is balanced, also the proper use of alfalfa for horses.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the 2023 Horse Management Seminar Webinar Series as much as we did. Please remember to check our website events section frequently as events are populated as they are finalized. Events of note include “Rutgers Day” 2023 which will be held on April 29th. For more details as the events go live, please visit our Outreach & Events page!