“Biosecurity On Horse Farms & At Equestrian Events” and “Antioxidant Research & Its Applications For Use In Exercising Horses” Webinars Now Archived

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the third and fourth webinars of our “Fall 2020 Equine Webinar Series.”

Dr. Leslie Seraphin’s presentation on “Biosecurity On Horse Farms & At Equestrian Events” has now been uploaded to our Library, and is available for viewing. A Part of the Fall 2020 Equine Webinar Series, Dr. Leslie Seraphin presented on biosecurity for the horse owner. Her talk focused on actions you can take to prevent disease entry to and spread on your farm, including actions to take when attending off farm equine events.

Dr. Williams’ presentation on “Antioxidant Research & Its Applications For Use In Exercising Horses” has also been added to our Library.

Dr. Williams presented on her many years of research on oxidative stress in exercising horses and how we can use antioxidant supplementation to help alleviate that stress. Her talk focused on recommendations for using antioxidants for your athletic horse, no matter what the exercise or the cause of the stress.

For the next webinar in the Equine Science Center’s Fall 2020 Equine Webinar Series, Mr. Ed Wengryn will present on Right to Farm, Farmland Preservation, and Land and Environmental Issues in New Jersey. His talk will focus on programs and regulations impacting equine agriculture in New Jersey.

Mr. Wengryn is a 1986 graduate of Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture (now Delaware Valley University), with a BS in Ornamental Horticulture. In October 1998 Ed joined New Jersey Farm Bureau, with his main areas of responsibility being State legislative initiatives, outreach, education, and policy development with Farm Bureau members in the northern counties of the state with emphasis on direct marketing, ornamental horticulture, land use, sales tax, and equine and other livestock issues.

From 2002-2004 Ed served as Confidential Assistant to Charles Kuperus, the Secretary of Agriculture for the State of New Jersey, where he coordinated the development of industry specific action plans to improve the economic viability of New Jersey’s varied agriculture sectors. Mr. Wengryn currently serves as a Field Representative/Research Associate with New Jersey Farm Bureau.

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