Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe – #StayHome 2nd Edition

To Our Equine Enthusiast Family,

While all of us continue to #StayHome to prevent the spread of the virus, we hope that everyone is staying safe, staying well, and staying engaged. Some potentially good news came out of Rutgers earlier this week with news that “A new Rutgers coronavirus test based on a simple spit into a tube will come to a N.J. testing site this week”. We hope that this will both make it easier for people to get tested, as well as significantly improve the turnaround time of testing.

As we continue our “Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe” initiative, this week we will branch out to another university for a electronic course that you will be able to take for FREE! Take a look at this week’s Media Section to see what Michigan State has to offer!

For this week’s theme, we will focus on Safety:

Newsletter Article: Preparing For An Emergency: Are You Ready For A Disaster On The Farm?
Fact Sheets: Safety Recommendations for the Stable, Barn Yard, and Horse/Livestock Structures
Accident-Proofing Farms and Stables
Podcast: Farm Safety Recommendations
Media: “Horse Sense” Youth Equine Farm Safety Course Now Available

For the Kids: Nelson’s Blog Post – “Sparkle and Shine: Spring Barn Cleaning

As always, our equine experts are available to help. For any safety questions, or questions in general, please feel free to visit our Ask The Expert Portal. Here you can submit a question at the bottom of the page, and one of our Experts will respond directly to you.

We hope that our second installment is as fun as the first! We look forward to seeing you back on our website next week!

The Equine Science Center