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We would love to catch up with you to find out what you have been up to since graduating and hear stories about your college days working with the horses at Rutgers.


Alumni and Industry Leaders continue ambitious fundraising campaign.

Launched in 2000 by alum Dr. David Meirs II (B.S., Agriculture, 1950), industry leaders and alumni continue their fundraising efforts coinciding with the overall university campaign.  The Rutgers Equine Science Center, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011 is the premier resource for everything equine.  Known as a national treasure, the Center is recognized for its achievements in ensuring the health and well-being of horses and the horse industry.

The Equine Science Center’s internal programming and outreach to the community are legendary.  Every day students and the public continue to learn about horses, as the Center advances the knowledge base in the equine sciences and explores the unique relationship between horses and humans.  Join fellow alumni and equine enthusiasts by partnering with the Center with a gift to ensure the Center’s future for decades to come.  The Center recently initiated an ambitious $6.5 million campaign to endow a chair in equine sciences, and to expand faculty and research capabilities as well as programming and outreach.  Learn about the pivotal role your gift can play in training new generations of knowledgeable, passionate equine advocates and specialists by reaching out to us online or by phone.

Gifts in support of the Equine Science Center may be made in several ways. Further information is available on this site or by calling the Center at (848) 932-9419.