2022 Horse Management Seminar Webinar Series – Archived Webinars

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual 2022 “Horse Management Seminar” webinar series.

All of the webinars have now been uploaded to our Library, and are available for viewing.

The “Recent Advances in Veterinary Medicine” Session brings together Dr. Mark Crisman and Dr. Sarah Gold to discuss some of the recent advances in Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Mark Crisman a Senior Veterinarian in Equine Technical Services at Zoetis presents “New Advances with Equine Diseases – Lyme, EHV, PHF, and more!” and discusses research throughout the equine health field looking into each of these diseases. The research covers vaccination recommendations, efficacy, and use in mare/foal circumstances. Dr. Sarah Gold from B.W. Furlong & Associates presents “What is new, tried and true with equine rehabilitation and conditioning?” and explores multiple strategies that can be easily incorporated into the equine athlete’s routine care that can improve the longevity of performance in the equine athlete.

The “What’s New in Equine Genetics and Health” Session brings together Dr. Samantha Brooks and Dr. Amanda Adams to discuss some of the recent advances in Equine Genomics and Equine Health.

Dr. Samantha Brooks from The University of Florida presents “Genomics In The Horse Industry:” and discusses how genomics is a natural fit for the horse industry, where the study of pedigrees and relatedness is centuries old. Dr. Amanda Adams from the University of Kentucky presents “Equine Metabolic Syndrome: What is ID, why do we care and how do we manage?” and explores insulin dysregulation (ID); endocrinopathic laminitis or now called ‘hyperinsulinemia-associated laminitis (HAL); and the dietary management of ID.

The “Recent Advances in Equine Nutrition” Session brings together Dr. Jennifer Weinert-Nelson and Anna Collins to discuss some of the recent advances in Equine Nutrition.

Dr. Jennifer Weinert-Nelson, formally from Rutgers University and currently serving as a USDA-ARS Post-Doc in Lexington, KY presents “Nutrition and rotational grazing, metabolism, and microbiome” and discusses how hindgut microbiota, rotational grazing, and the type of grasses (cool-season and warm-season grasses) can affect nutrition. Anna Collins from Murray State University presents “New findings on CBD/Hemp in Horse Nutrition” and explores some of the current research into the use of CBD on horse nutrition and health.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the 2022 Horse Management Seminar Webinar Series as much as we did. Please remember to check our website events section frequently as events are populated as they are finalized. Events of note include “Rutgers Day” 2022 which will be held on April 30th. For more details as the events go live, please visit our Outreach & Events page!