Fall 2020 Equine Webinar Series – Archived Webinars

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for our first ever virtual “Fall 2020 Equine Webinar Series.”

All of the webinars have now been uploaded to our Library, and are available for viewing.

Karyn Malinowski, Ph.D., presented on her many years of research into the physiology of aging in horses. Her talk focused on recommendations for proper management and care of the older horse.

Kenneth Harrington McKeever, Ph.D., FACSM, FAPS, presented on the history of equine exercise physiology and horses in biomedical research. His talk focused on how the horse has been a key player in basic biomedical research for centuries, and how the research done at Rutgers follows in the footsteps of the great physiologists of the past.

Leslie Seraphin, DVM, MPH, presented on biosecurity for the horse owner. Her talk focused on actions you can take to prevent disease entry to and spread on your farm, including actions to take when attending off farm equine events.

Carey Williams, Ph.D., presented on her many years of research on oxidative stress in exercising horses and how we can use antioxidant supplementation to help alleviate that stress. Her talk focused on recommendations for using antioxidants for your athletic horse, no matter what the exercise or the cause of the stress.

Mr. Ed Wengryn will present on Right to Farm, Farmland Preservation, and Land and Environmental Issues in New Jersey. His talk will focus on programs and regulations impacting equine agriculture in New Jersey.

Brian Colquhoun, DVM, MS, CVA, presented on the use of acupuncture in horses. The talk focused on research into its modes of action, its benefits, and its limitations.

Finally the Equine Science Center hosted its first ever “Ask The Experts Live!” During this webinar, an online panel of experts joined to answer questions on equine health, pasture management, exercise physiology, manure management, and other topics. During this webinar, participants had the chance to ask their equine-related questions directly to the panel of five equine experts, and were offered our experts best answers, as well as a chance to follow up.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Fall 2020 webinar series as much as we did. Please remember to check our website events section frequently as events are populated as they are finalized. Events of note include the “Horse Management Seminar” which will be held as a multi-night seminar in February, and the “Junior Breeders Livestock Symposium” which will be held on March 27th. For more details as the events go live, please visit: https://esc.rutgers.edu/outreach-events/