Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe – #StayHome 11th Edition

To Our Equine Enthusiast Family,

While all of us continue to #StayHome to prevent the spread of the virus, we hope that everyone is staying safe, staying well, and staying engaged. This week’s feel good story, “Field Hockey Alumni on the Front Lines of COVID-19 Pandemic,” covers how Rutgers Alumni are working in the field, facing the unique challenges that COVID has caused in hospitals, and how the lessons learned at Rutgers University have helped them as they navigate the pandemic.

Last week we were a little tired after a very successful Rutgers Giving Day and didn’t have a chance to make a post. We were able to raise over $30,000 for equine research, and so we thought this week would look at the type of research that this allows the Equine Science Center to conduct.

For this week’s theme, we will focus on Equine Research:

Research Updates: Recovery of Pasture Forage Production Following Winter Rest in Continuous and Rotational Horse Grazing Systems, The Effects of Equine Assisted Activities (EAAT) and Therapies on Stress and Well-being in Horses and Measures of Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans,

Video: Horses on Treadmills?!

“Horses in The Morning Radio Show”: “Equine Science Updates from the 2015 Equine Science Society Symposium” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski, with guests Dr. Amanda Adams from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Burt Staniar from Penn State University, and Dr. Krishona Martinson from the University of Minnesota

For the Kids: Sign up for the NJ 4-H Virtual Horse Camp – July 13-16. Four days of fun horse-related topics taught by Equine Industry professionals and 4‑H leaders. Some topics include First Aid for your horse, Equine Anatomy, Parasites, Hay Selection, Braiding, Banding, and Clipping, Ranch Riding, and Showmanship.

As always, our equine experts are available to help. For any questions about equine research, or questions in general, please feel free to visit our Ask The Expert Portal. Here you can submit a question at the bottom of the page, and one of our Experts will respond directly to you.

We hope that our last installment has kept you busy, and know that you enjoy this one! We look forward to seeing you back on our website next week!