Press Release: Rutgers Equine Science Center Announces The Return Of The In-Person 2024 Horse Management Seminar, This Year’s Theme: “You Asked For It…!”

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – “You asked for it…!” is the over-arching theme of the upcoming Horse Management Seminar hosted by the Rutgers Equine Science Center and Rutgers Cooperative Extension. The seminar is scheduled from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 3, 2024. The team has compiled a list of the most commonly asked-for topics during the past three years of virtual conferences to create a program highlighting attendees’ interests. The team is also happy to announce that the seminar will return to an in-person format, making it the first live Horse Management Seminar since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“This year we selected a topic that we have not covered in a long time, if ever! Whether you have racehorses, sport horses, or just like riding horses there will be something for everyone! We have so many veterinary and nutrition experts and colleagues, I am very excited to be able to have them share their expertise with you” said Dr. Carey Williams, Extension Equine Specialist and Associate Director of Extension for the Rutgers Equine Science Center. “Our goal for this face-to-face seminar is to bring in the leading veterinary and academic experts in each of these topic areas. This includes caring and feeding the senior horse, farrier care, emergency management, orthopedic problems and solutions, parasites, and pain!”

Dr. Williams has assembled presenters who are recognized as the leading experts in their field to offer perspectives and personal insight. The morning will start with “Veterinary Care for the Senior Horse” by Dr. Jessica Martin of Mountain Pointe Equine. “Dr. Martin is a perfect speaker for this topic because she deals with a lot of Senior horses at Mountain Pointe along with having owned Senior horses of her own!” said Dr. Williams. The morning will also include Dr. Nettie Liburt, a local consulting equine Nutritionist who owns Liburt Equine Nutrition Consulting. Dr. Liburt will present “Feeding the Senior Horse”. The last talk before lunch will be on “Emergency Management” from another of Mountain Pointe Equine veterinarians, Dr. Charlotte Weisberg.

The afternoon will start off with “Balanced Hoofcare, Barefoot vs. Shoes?” by Craig Farrell, owner of Winner’s Edge Horse Shoeing, Medford, NJ; and will be followed by “Parasites and Ticks in your Horse” by Dr. Danielle Smarsh of Pennsylvania State University. “Dr. Smarsh received her Doctorate from Rutgers University and has a history of a variety of equine management-related talks, most recently her work with parasites and ticks has been the most popular!” mentioned Dr. Williams.

Closing out the day will be a presentation “Physical Therapy and Other Ways You Can Help Prevent and Manage Orthopedic Injuries” from Dr. Singen Elliott, from Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center.

In addition to these presentations, the seminar will feature informational displays, networking opportunities with industry companies and area organizations, ample time for one-on-one discussions with the day’s presenters, and lots of door prizes!

Early bird registration ends on January 22, so attendees are encouraged to register now to secure the discounted rate! The complete program, registration information, and seminar brochure are posted on the Rutgers Equine Science Center website at, as well as the registration site at:

For additional information, contact Dr. Carey Williams at: or 848-932-5529.