Horse Racing

The Center’s Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory is considered to be the best-equipped and most active lab of its kind in the country. Researchers utilizing the lab focus on preventive research rather than curing clinical syndromes or diseases. One area involves the investigation of the use of performance-altering substances in racehorses. The Center develops tests to detect the use of illicit substances and provides expert testimony in litigation involving the use of performance-altering substances. This research is critical to ensure a level playing field for all equestrian sports and the well-being of the equine athlete.

Its Proven Track Record

The work of the Equine Science Center has a measurable and direct impact on all users of horses in the state of New Jersey, irrespective of discipline and breed.

The Equine Science Center, acknowledging  the symbiotic relationship between the equine industry and agri- business in New Jersey for more than a decade, has educated the public about the equine industry’s benefits and significant impact for all residents in the state, even those not directly involved in agriculture.

The Equine Science Center is recognized locally and globally as the only neutral, credible source for policy decision makers regarding the economic impact of horses and the horse industry. As a result of its prominent status and vast network of resources, the Center is a vital component to advance the viability and ensure the sustainability of the horse industry and agriculture in New Jersey.

2019 State of New Jersey Horse Racing Industry

Report finds that New Jersey racehorse owners and breeders continue to remain non-competitive with New York and Pennsylvania, where horse racing is subsidized by revenue from casino gaming.

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