Educational Programs

A major component of this program is the outreach, educational programs, and publications available to the public. Numerous learning opportunities are be available in a wide variety of formats, including on-site demonstrations, workshops, and twilight meetings. Other vehicles of delivery such as fact sheets, pamphlets, newsletters, and peer-reviewed articles are used. We are available to give farm tours and educational presentations on pasture and environmental issues, or interested persons could join our mailing list to be notified when we offer a new program.

Gold Medal Horse Farm Program

This program is a part of the New Jersey Equine Environmental Stewardship Initiative. This program works to highlight environmentally friendly farms, and give the consumer greater confidence in the environmental sustainability of agriculture and encourages public support for the industry. This award recognizes the most outstanding equine farms and their environmental sustainability and management. For more information about the Gold Medal Horse Farm process, please go here.