New Jersey Farm Bureau: Horse Farms And Equestrian Operations – March 28th Update

New Jersey Farm Bureau:
Horse Farms And Equestrian Operations – March 28th Update

As farms that market direct to the consumer they can be open. The farm owner/manager sets the conditions for those visits. The order for entertainment and exhibitions, fairs and shows means all events are cancelled!

It is recommended for the next 10-14 days that horse owners with no direct care responsibilities avoid going to the farm.

Access can be permitted for horse owners to come care for and work with their animals if that has been part of the stabling agreement. Farms should set up schedules and limit the number of persons on the farm at any given time. (10 people and under rule is good here) Horse owners should respect the farms limits and guidelines.

The owner or their designee should be the only person to come and work or care for the horse, Families should not all come and visit as a group.

Hand washing and equipment sanitizing should be practiced by all visitors to the farm.

Workers employed by the farm, as well as farriers and other contractors are also able to work and come to a farm. These people need to follow the social distancing rules and respect the operational hours of the farm owner.

The American Horse Council has posted more detailed information about the responsibilities of horse owners and those visiting equine operations fined that information here:

American Horse Council Covid-19 Resources

As we expect COVID-19 case numbers to grow over the next week this is a prudent recommendation. Farm owners/operators should begin working on plans for owners to see their animals and begin riding as soon as practical. They should work on schedules and protocols to continue social distancing even as they try to return regular business.