Ryders Lane Farm

In 2005 a team of Rutgers researchers affiliated with the Equine Science Center and several state and federal agencies began a multi-year collaboration. They sought to develop a demonstration working horse farm on the Cook campus that would use agricultural best management practices to provide solutions to many of the problems facing farm owners and stable managers today.

Our researchers identified numerous environmental issues, such as preserving water quality, proper nutrient and waste management, farm and pasture management, weed control, fencing, pasture rotation, and soil enrichment. These are just a few of the many facets of farm management that the project addresses.

Located at the existing Ryders Lane facility on approximately 30 acres, the facility is not only a model best management practices horse farm, but also a learning center where research, education and proactive outreach through live demonstrations and twilight seminars enrich the public’s understanding of how to successfully manage the environmental challenges their farms may pose.  Now that the project is complete, the Ryders Lane Environmental Best Management Practices Demonstration Horse Farm can house up to 30 horses, and is utilized for environmental and farm management research.  The farm is currently open to the public for self-guided tours.

To learn more about the continued research that the Equine Science Center is taking part in, please visit the update on Environmental Impacts of Equine Operations.

Ryders Lane Environmental Best Management Practices Demonstration Horse Farm: