Press Release: Trinity Dressage Receives The 2023 Gold Medal Horse Farm Award

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The 2023 winner of the Gold Medal Horse Farm award is the Trinity Dressage, located in Cream Ridge, NJ. Part of the New Jersey Equine Environmental Stewardship Program, the award recognizes outstanding equine farms for their dedication to environmental sustainability and management.

The award was presented during the Rutgers Equine Science Center’s annual “Evening of Science & Celebration” on Thursday, November 9 in New Brunswick, NJ, which was sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center.


Dr. Michael Westendorf and Dr. Karyn Malinowski pose with the Banks family after they received the 2023 Gold Medal Horse Farm award for their farm, Trinity Dressage. (From left to right – Dr. Michael Westendorf, Paige Banks, Stephen Banks, Eliza Banks, Dr. Karyn Malinowski.)

Trinity Dressage is a 20-acre equine facility in the heart of Cream Ridge, NJ. The farm is home to approximately 9 horses, an indoor arena, an outdoor training arena, and multiple well-vegetated paddocks for maintaining horses on the farm. Since most horses are kept on pasture, manure is managed by proper grass and forage management. Manure collected from dry lots or from stalled horses is collected and removed regularly, stored on the farm, and removed to a compost facility.

The farm follows a waste management plan (AWMP) developed with the assistance of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Regular soil samples are taken, and pastures are fertilized to maximize fertility and optimal pasture growth and performance. Pastures are clipped regularly when required to maximize forage growth.

The farm is very proactive with the goal of environmental stewardship. The number of paddocks allows the farm to rotate animals and maintain quality pastures. French drains surrounding the stables and arena allow the capture and proper distribution of all water. Excellent vegetation, pasture, barnyard, and manure management ensure the farm has a low impact on the land despite being in an environmentally sensitive area.

The farm specializes in the training and management of dressage and other performance horses. It is a showcase for equine environmental management and maintaining top-quality care for clients and their horses.

“As a midwestern native with a family whose roots run deeply in the ideas of farmland conservation and preservation, I take the task of stewardship of God’s creatures, livestock, land, and natural resources very seriously,” said Eliza Banks, Owner/Trainer, Trinity Dressage, LLC. “We are proud to continue that legacy with Trinity Dressage in NJ. We hope to build our facility with each stage of development keeping correct and current ideas of environmental, energy, soil, and livestock management practices at the forefront. We are honored to be receiving the Gold Medal Horse Farm award for equine environmental stewardship.”

For additional information, please contact the Equine Science Center at 848-932-9419 or

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