Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe – #StayHome 6th Edition

To Our Equine Enthusiast Family,

While all of us continue to #StayHome to prevent the spread of the virus, we hope that everyone is staying safe, staying well, and staying engaged. This week’s feel good story coming out of Rutgers is how “F.D.A. Clears First Home Saliva Test for Coronavirus.” Take a look at how #RutgersResearch is making a difference!

This week we will explore weight gain and weight loss in horses. Topics cover classifications of starving to overweight, and topics from metabolic problems to “easy keepers.” You can even use the resources from Michigan State University’s MSU Extension Horses to learn how to properly conduct a body condition score on a horse!

For this week’s theme, we will focus on Weight Gain & Weight Loss:

Fact Sheets: Basics of Equine Nutrition, Metabolic Problems in the Horse, Caring for the Older Horse, Performance Horse Nutrition, Maintenance of the “Easy Keeper” Horse

Webinars: Tips for Managing Horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome by Dr. Bridgett McIntosh, Obesity in Horses by Dr. Ingrid Vervuert, Refeeding the Starved Horse Dr. Carolyn Stull

Michigan State University – MSU Extension Horses: Body Condition Scoring In Horses

For the Kids: Your Horse’s Body Condition: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

As always, our equine experts are available to help. For any weight gain & weight loss in horses questions , or questions in general, please feel free to visit our Ask The Expert Portal. Here you can submit a question at the bottom of the page, and one of our Experts will respond directly to you.

We hope that our last installment has kept you busy, and know that you enjoy this one! We look forward to seeing you back on our website next week!

The Equine Science Center