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Doris C. Murphy

Endowed Scholarship in Equine Science

The Equine Science Center will be accepting applications for the Doris C. Murphy Scholarship until May 1st, of each calendar year. The scholarship(s) will be awarded for the following academic year. Please see the application form on the right and scholarship details below.

Rutgers Equine Science Center and the Department of Animal Sciences at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, are pleased to announce the availability of financial assistance to undergraduate women who are New Jersey residents majoring in Animal Sciences with a concentration in Equine Science. Scholarships will be awarded annually to full-time undergraduate Rutgers University students (including at least one incoming student).

Criteria include New Jersey residency, acceptance or current enrollment at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, academic merit, financial need, and demonstrated interest in equine science. Scholarships may be renewed annually with the approval of the scholarship selection committee.

The Doris C. Murphy Endowed Scholarship in Equine Science was created to honor the memory of a woman who loved animals. Ms. Murphy was born in Jersey City, moved to Dumont, and worked for the Ford Motor Company in Newark. She and her husband had no children, and shortly before her death in 1998, she contacted her financial advisor, Kate Sweeney of Morgan Stanley and expressed her desire to support animal studies. Ms. Sweeney, a Cook College alumna, suggested the equine science program as an appropriate beneficiary, and as Ms. Murphy was also very supportive of women’s education, the endowed scholarship is offered to women students majoring in Animal Sciences with an equine science interest. Thus, the scholarship reflects Doris C. Murphy’s love of animals and her deep interest in encouraging young women to complete their academic studies.