Keeping Engaged While Keeping Safe – #StayHome 14th Edition

To Our Equine Enthusiast Family,

While all of us continue to #StayHome to prevent the spread of the virus, we hope that everyone is staying safe, staying well, and staying engaged. This week’s news story coming out of Rutgers University comes from Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway. Join the university’s 21st president as he sits down for a candid conversation with “Rutgers Today” to talk about his plans for the coming year, and how he plans to navigate this unique and challenging time.

As we think about health issues with our horses, we tend to think about treating the main cause rather than just the symptoms. If your horse seems to have a predisposition to laminitis, seems to retain fat deposits, and has insulin resistance, it could be something more. While seeking the advice, and expertise, of your veterinarian is the #1 thing that you should be doing (and what the Equine Science Center recommends for all horse health questions), you might have some telltale signs of Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

For this week’s theme, we will focus on Equine Metabolic Syndrome:

Fact Sheets: Metabolic Problems in the Horse: Sorting out the Diagnosis
Podcasts: Does My Horse Have a Metabolic Problem?
Webinar: Making Sense Out of “Metabolic Syndrome”
Video: Investigating Equine Metabolic Syndrome

For the Kids: Nelson Investigates: Equine Metabolic Syndrome

As always, our equine experts are available to help. For any questions about Equine Metabolic Syndrome, or questions in general, please feel free to visit our Ask The Expert Portal. Here you can submit a question at the bottom of the page, and one of our Experts will respond directly to you.

We hope that our last installment has kept you busy, and know that you enjoy this one! We look forward to seeing you back on our website next week!