Ha-ay Ff-olks,

Brrrrrr…it’s ff-ree-zzing out there. This cold weather has chilled me to the core and I can’t stt-opp sh-shiver-ring. Luckily for me, my caretaker is bringing me inside and covering me with plenty of blankets. Maybe there will be a fireplace inside, too! It’ll warm me up AND provide a lovely romantic setting for my Valentine’s Day dinner with HugMe Christi. It seems she can tolerate the cold much better than myself and I have no idea why.

Nelson behind snow

Hay Folks!

It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about roses, chocolate, and candlelight dinners. Sunday, February 8th is the annual Horse Management Seminar and I can’t wait! This year’s topic is all about FOOD! The official title is, “Grazing Rewards and Concerns: How and Why to Care for Your Pastures”. It may not be about growing delicious doughnuts (I wish!), but moreLord-Nelson-April-2010-009 about cultivating lush pastures and maintaining healthy body weight for your horses.


Happy (belated) Birthday to all of my equine pals!

January 1st is the birthday for all race horses and many non-racing breeds of horses as well in the northern hemisphere! (For the race horses “down-under”, it’s August 1st!) Our birthdays are celebrated all over the world! Our two-legged friends even throw lavish parties and raise glasses of champagne at midnight just for us! However, the decorations are always spelled wrong. I tell my owner all the time, it’s “Happy Birthday”, not “Happy New Year’s”!