Nelson-BirthdayHay Folks,

It’s nearing my birthday and I’m giddy for the gifts! I can’t wait to see my cake with all 40 glowing candles!

Between the celebrations, chilly weather, and holiday cheer this time of year, it’s always fun to gather round a fire. Now, I’m all in favor of a fireside chat about the old Wild West, but there is more to those flames that you need to know about than just their cozying effects.

InSnow_CROP“Winter is coming,
The squirrels are getting fat.
Please put a blanket on your horse’s back
If you haven’t got a blanket, a long thick coat will do,
If you haven’t got a long thick coat then read this blog through!!”


I am sure that the last couple of weeks have been a challenge for all of us here in New Jersey and surrounding areas. In the wake of the two severe storms, there is even MORE work to be done now in the home and in the pasture.


I hope that you have been enjoying the fresh weather breezing in throughout the month of October lately! My favorite gal pal HugMe Christi and I enjoy a brisk morning romp in our field and then graze leisurely while soaking up the warm sun rays during the day. Do you know why fall is the best time of the year? Not only do we get to roll around in all of the leaf piles, but because it smells like a tasty vegetarian Thanksgiving feast for horses! Every day, the air becomes a little more aromatic with the sweet smell of turning leaves and sweet grasses. It’s like an olfactory sensory explosion, and I really just can’t get enough of it! It is almost as tantalizing as an apple-filled doughnut sitting on the picnic table outside my pasture. Almost.

IMG_6030Hay there everyone!

Since there are a couple of important days to recognize this week, I thought it would be alright to take a short break from our cool-school refresher courses and give a whinny-out to two special events.

First, this past Wednesday was my best friend’s birthday! Happy birthday bestie! We not only celebrated the beginning of another year for Karyn Malinowski, director of the Equine Science Center, but the fact that I was delectably duplicated in cake-form for the party! With all those doughnuts, it was only a matter of time before I turned into a big palatable pastry! You know what they say… “you are what you eat.”


It’s about that time! The days are getting shorter, the sun is getting milder, and the leaves are already starting to change. These are all clear signs and hints of fall. For a horse with a ferocious appetite like me, this could only mean one thing… apple eating season is nearing full swing!

Oh, and let’s not forget that kids are back to textbooks and early mornings on the bus to school. I remember those days quite well despite my older age, getting up before the sun (to plot on a little mischief for the day!), studying hard so that I could do well (in finding the best grasses in the pasture!). Of course, my favorite class was gym; the one time we had the excuse to play games all period. Because, let’s face it, you can’t say recess; it is not a real class, kids!


What a relief that the weather has taken a turn from stifling humid to refreshingly pleasant! I can finally frolic with my pasture mate HugMe Christi without breaking a sweat. It’s even pleasurable to graze out in the sun for a little while these days, since I don’t find myself sweating off all of the coveted fly repellent my humans spray on me. Yes, we may be experiencing the glorious beginnings of fall, but farm pests will be sticking around for a while longer. If you haven’t been told all of the fly control secrets yet, then let me give you a heads up for next year…

Horse watching TV


I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself, the last two weeks of equine events have got me racing, pacing, and practicing my piaffes! The games in London were so cool and it was really exciting to be a part of it. Well, at least in spirit as I peeked through a window inside the house; my human friends didn’t go for the idea to install a 72” flat screen TV in my run-in shed. Nevertheless, the doughnuts were in abundance!


Do you plan on watching the summer Olympics beginning this weekend? I definitely want to tune-in; I just need to convince my humans to add a HD flat screen TV to my run in shed!

As you know, athletes (including horses!) from all over the world travel to the location of the games to compete for Olympic medals. It may not seem like such a big deal for you to transport yourself to the host city, but for us (and our human friends), this is a crucial part of the festivities and is our first step towards winning Olympic gold!


How are you and your horse keeping cool during these hot and hazy summer days? While most of my human friends can enjoy air conditioning, I seek the shade of a tree or a run-in shed to keep cool. This heat is tough on any horse, and since I’m (a little) older than most, I have to be especially careful to ensure that I’m staying properly hydrated and that I’m consuming enough calories to keep my body functioning and maintain a healthy body weight. Staying hydrated (especially while exercising) on a hot day is very important…not only for humans but for horses too!