I am back once again with the latest installment in my series on careers in the equine industry. Today you’ll get to meet Dr. Brian Colquhoun, a veterinarian trained in acupuncture. He owns and operates Colquhoun Equine Health & Performance, a veterinary practice located in New Jersey. We are very lucky here at Rutgers University because Dr. Colquhoun visits campus on a routine basis to share his expertise with undergraduate students in our classes. Enjoy this brief glimpse into Dr. Colquhoun’s career!

Welcome to 2023! It’s hard to believe another year has rolled by and yet, here we are. You may want to stay inside where it’s warm and dry during the winter months which means your visits to the barn become less frequent. I can’t wait until we have our first snow, so I can kick my heels up and create a few snow plumes! Some of my human friends seem to dislike the cold weather and wear so many layers to stay warm. Winter brings special concerns and challenges for the horse owner, in addition to those extra layers of clothing. It’s easy to stay focused on the big problems winter brings such as keeping water troughs and buckets free of ice and then overlook smaller items. Even though you may not think about it very often, it’s important to keep up with your horse’s hoof care this winter season.