Happy (Belated) Sire’s Day!

Many of today’s great racehorses have come from a long line of strong and fast sires.  One might say they have royal blood pumping through their veins!  England isn’t the only one with its own set of monarchies!

I may not be a princess but my pops is Muscles Yankee (pictured on the left) and had a lifetime earnings of $1,424,938 on the racetrack and sired 13 MILLIONAIRES!  At least I know where I get my speed and my gorgeous good looks! (Photo credit: www.perretti.com/cms/index.php/muscles-yankee)

Hay, everyone!

I’m back again with the latest Rutgers scoop! I hope you remember my last blog post, “Spring Cleaning” about how to prepare your barn for the spring; now, I’m hear to tell you about how to prepare your horses for the spring.

Warmer weather leads to mosquitoes. And with mosquitoes, comes nasty diseases! Luckily, there are annual vaccines that help protect us from those diseases. I just got mine boosted last week and boy was my bum sore for a couple days!

Hay, everyone!

The name’s Stardust and I am one of the research mares (“Horse Heroes”) at Rutgers. I am here to give you a blow-by-blow report on everything that’s happening at Rutgers. But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

Memorial_Lord Nelson_041215_edit

Hay Y’All,

This is Hugme Christi, Lord Nelson’s “gal pal”. This week has been very somber with the passing of my second-half, Nelson. However, his life will live on in our memories and hearts. He loved being a professor at Rutgers and teaching people of all ages about horses and science. His legacy will live on through “Equine Science 4 Kids” and a memorial research fund dedicated to further “old horse” research at Rutgers.


Ouch! My Hoof!

Now that Spring is here and the snow is finally melting; it has made my paddock into a muddy disaster! This wet and dirty environment is inconvenient for me, but a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. My equine pal has developed a hoof abscess due to being hock-deep in mud.


Hay Students,

I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching a short course at Rutgers this summer!  My blog has finally reached the attention of the Dean and he has hired me to teach a course on what I know best…POOP!  I think he also realized that horses could behave themselves in a classroom as shown by Dodgeball’s appearance at the Center’s annual “An Evening of Science and Celebration”.

Nelson behind snow

Holy Hoofprints! I’m moving! Well, my blog is anyway.

I have to apologize for not keeping in touch, but packing boxes is not easy to do with just my hooves! Now the snow has covered all of them and you can barely see me! My blog will no longer be on Blogger, but on the Equine Science Center’s brand-new website! Check out the little sneak peek below.

Ha-ay Ff-olks,

Brrrrrr…it’s ff-ree-zzing out there. This cold weather has chilled me to the core and I can’t stt-opp sh-shiver-ring. Luckily for me, my caretaker is bringing me inside and covering me with plenty of blankets. Maybe there will be a fireplace inside, too! It’ll warm me up AND provide a lovely romantic setting for my Valentine’s Day dinner with HugMe Christi. It seems she can tolerate the cold much better than myself and I have no idea why.

Nelson behind snow

Hay Folks!

It’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not talking about roses, chocolate, and candlelight dinners. Sunday, February 8th is the annual Horse Management Seminar and I can’t wait! This year’s topic is all about FOOD! The official title is, “Grazing Rewards and Concerns: How and Why to Care for Your Pastures”. It may not be about growing delicious doughnuts (I wish!), but moreLord-Nelson-April-2010-009 about cultivating lush pastures and maintaining healthy body weight for your horses.


Happy (belated) Birthday to all of my equine pals!

January 1st is the birthday for all race horses and many non-racing breeds of horses as well in the northern hemisphere! (For the race horses “down-under”, it’s August 1st!) Our birthdays are celebrated all over the world! Our two-legged friends even throw lavish parties and raise glasses of champagne at midnight just for us! However, the decorations are always spelled wrong. I tell my owner all the time, it’s “Happy Birthday”, not “Happy New Year’s”!