Fall is in full swing!  There is a chill in the air and soon the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie will be filling your family kitchen.  But as you prepare to sit down to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, you need to also keep in mind what your four-legged family members might be munching on out in the pasture!

It has been a little over a month since school first started, and I have not been feeling the best. I think it is because I am still stressed and adjusting to the kids going back to school. I’ve noticed my appetite has decreased and my stomach has been in a lot of pain. My owner noticed and called the veterinarian out to the barn to perform an endoscopy.

I want to invite you to one of my favorite events during the fall season!! Freehold Raceway will be hosting the 6th annual Open Space Pace Festival of Horses on Saturday, September 16th!! The Open Space Pace is an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our open land in New Jersey.

WHOA! Hold up! I can’t believe summer is over and it is already September! All of the wonderful kids that groom me during the day are going back to school; I sure am going to miss them. School can put a lot of stress on my human friends! Have you ever had the feeling of butterflies in your stomach?

I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated despite this summer heat! My human friends are making sure I have access to shade and water, although sometimes I wish I could pull the hose out of the water trough while it is filling and spray myself down!

It is time for our annual Equine Sumer Showcase on Wednesday, July 12th from 10:00am – 12:00pm. Everyone (and by everyone, I mean only our two-legged friends) are welcome to join us and see our research mares run on the treadmill!

The 4th of July is coming up, and that means celebration! A lot of people like to partake in pool-parties and BBQ’s. Unfortunately none of the humans ever invite me to their pools, so my friends and I have to improvise by splashing in the water trough! The humans like to end the day with fireworks, which are fairly infamous in the equine community.

Summer is here, and that means trying to combat all of those pesky insects! Did you know one of the most annoying pests to horses during the warmer months is invisible to the naked eye? These tiny flies are referred to as the biting midge, which are scientifically known as Culicoides spp. Because the insects only come out during the late spring and throughout the summer, they cause a seasonal allergy, or hypersensitivity in our four legged friends.

Oh boy, do I love a party! And there’s a grand celebration happening in just a few weeks, right here at the Equine Science Center! As you may have heard, we’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary at the Center, and as part of the festivities, Horses 2017 will take place March 18-19, 2017. Our theme? “The Best of the Best!” Experts from Rutgers and beyond will be sharing their knowledge with you all weekend. Got questions? They’ve got answers! You can attend panel discussions that will give you the chance to pick the brains of top equine professionals.