Happy Veterans Day!

I am thankful for the veterans who have served our country. If you know a veteran or see one today, make sure you say, “Happy Veterans Day” and thank you for your service”! What else can we do to show our appreciation for the veterans in our life? Well, it turns out that spending some time with me and my four-legged friends might be a good choice. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you! Afterall, anyone in the equine industry will tell you that spending time with a horse is a great way to improve your mood and make your day a bit brighter!

Exciting research here at the Equine Science Center is paving the way to help us understand the role horses can play in the health and well-being of veterans. There are many programs that offer a range of services and activities with horses to veterans and other populations that might derive physical, mental, or emotional benefits from the experience. Research has begun to show what many a horse person has always known, that interaction with a horse is good for a person! This week you can listen in on an interview with Mike Yee, a graduate of Rutgers University who is now in vet school at Colorado State University. In his time as an undergraduate, he got a chance to experience research first-hand. Go ahead and listen to learn a little bit more about the research that has been completed thus far.

Isn’t research cool? Even more exciting, though, is the fact that we’re gearing up for another (and bigger project) investigating how horses can help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Like the previous study, we’ll also get to take a look at what is happening to the horse during these sessions. Hopefully, I will be able to report on the results in a future edition of my blog.

I hope you take a moment to wish our veterans a Happy Veterans Day and appreciate the horse(s) in your life!

Until next time!

Your Friend,

Lord Nelson

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