Hello again!

Finals have finished and summer is fast approaching, and with that comes the annual graduation ceremony at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences here at Rutgers. Several of our Equine Science students are preparing to graduate with a degree in Animal Science! Many are making plans to go to vet school or to work in fields related to equine science. We are very proud of our graduates! My friends at the Equine Science Center are also excited in anticipation of meeting the recent high school grads who will be joining our program in the fall!

I’m having a busy spring just like my friends at the Equine Science Center. A few weeks ago I underwent some spring cleaning. My owner gave me a nice bubble bath and got rid of the last of my winter hair! He also put plenty of sunscreen on my nose to keep it from getting sunburned. I ate enough peppermints and carrots that day to last a whole month! Boy I sure enjoyed all of the attention, and my pasture mate, Christi, was a little jealous!

Last Friday other members of my barn were leaving early for the races, so my caretaker, Wendy, called for me to come in for an early breakfast. Since I knew it was way too early for feeding, I just thought she wanted to pester me while I was munching on grass in the cool morning, so I kept right on grazing – I didn’t want to mess up my schedule! Mr. Gale, (Wendy’s dad) came out and called for me to come in and then I knew it was chow time! I surprised them both by how fast I ran up to the gate, and they considered loading me up to go to the races that day! Luckily for me, horses older than 14 are not allowed to race (Phew!). I guess getting old does have some advantages!

With all the cool weather, rain, and sunshine I have plenty of grass growing in my pasture. Luckily the weather cooperated enough so that the first cutting of hay is already baled and stored. Thinking about all that grass and hay has made me hungry, so it’s time to sign off for now!

Stay tuned; I’ll have more stories and news next time!

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