Hello again!

My friends at the Rutgers Equine Science Center told me that they had over 5,000 visitors at the treadmill laboratory last weekend during Ag Field Day. They also told me the Equine Science 4 Kids bright red recycled tote bags was very popular, and that they handed out almost 1,000 bags in less than two hours! I think having my adorable face on the bag probably had something to do with the bags disappearing so quickly…

I heard the line to watch Snowdrift and Maggie run on the high-speed horse treadmill was practically wrapped around the building! People were lining-up 30 minutes before the demonstrations in order to watch Snowdrift and Maggie run.

Don’t worry if you missed the equine treadmill demonstrations at Ag Field Day. I am helping my friends at the Equine Science Center put the finishing touches on a video of Frankie running on the treadmill.

Stay tuned – we’ll have that video up on Equine Science 4 Kids soon!

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