Hello Everyone!

June, my favorite month, is almost here! Can you guess why June is my favorite month? Not only is everyone grilling hot dogs, but it is also the Month of the Horse! Way back in 1977, when I was still a young colt, the New Jersey Legislature and Governor Byrne proclaimed the horse as the state animal. In 1998, while I was working the beat as a mounted patrol horse, Governor Whitman declared June as the Month of the Horse here in New Jersey. Even back then, the folks in Trenton realized how important the horse was for the Garden State. All of you still know that the horses here today are part of what makes New Jersey a great state!

Can you do me a favor? During the month of June, take some time to learn about things that are important to me and my equine friends, like proper nutrition, proper housing, and horse behavior. Remember, even if you have been around horses all your life, there is always something new and exciting to learn about us (like the weird things some of us like to eat)! That is a large part of what my friends at the Equine Science Center do.

Finally, if you own a horse or help take care of a horse, be proud of it! If you know someone else who works with horses, congratulate them! If you know someone who is not directly involved with horses, but is a horse enthusiast, pat them on the back! Every breed and type of horse is unique, but we all share a special bond with our human friends. That is something everyone can celebrate in June! I’ll check back in later with more fun facts about the Month of the Horse.

Until next time!

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