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I’ve noticed a concerning trend since everyone has taken to working in front of their computer screens all day – people aren’t getting enough exercise. My four-legged friends and I get plenty of exercise, though. All this space in our pasture for romping is the perfect location to get all of my steps in! Do you know what happens when you exercise on a routine basis or train? What about when you stop exercising? Well, I have some answers for you this week.

The blog this week features an interview with Dr. Dylan Klein. He was a graduate student here at Rutgers University and now teaches at Rowan University. My four-legged friends on the farm got to participate in Dr. Klein’s research! Too bad I was busy being a mascot and didn’t get to participate in the study.  

Take a few minutes to listen to the interview and see what you learn!

Wow, it’s amazing how many similarities exist between the horse and human. No wonder horses make such great research subjects! Researchers can learn more about horses to improve horse health, but they also learn more about humans and how they respond to exercise.

I think the best advice Dr. Klein offers is to find an activity that you enjoy and participate in on a regular basis! Regular, safe exercise has a multitude of benefits. Like most horses, I enjoy exercise. It makes me feel good! Especially on a cool morning like we’ve had recently. Do you know what I think is the best part of regular exercise, though? It’s that I get stronger and faster the more I practice. I guess the saying about “practice makes perfect” is true after all.

I’ve got a challenge for you. See if you can find a physical activity you enjoy and then commit to practicing it on a regular basis. Maybe you can track your progress over time. (I like seeing my progress on a graph. The folks at the Equine Science Center help me out with it.)

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new from today’s blog. In the next blog post, I’ll return to the careers series. We’ll explore another option of what you might want to do when you grow up, so stay tuned!

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