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It’s that time of year again where we show a little bit of love towards that special someone. You know what I’m talking about… Valentine’s Day!

But if you’re anything like me and don’t have a Valentine, you probably have found yourself with a lot of free time. Personally, I like to read in my spare time. I ended up finding multiple articles regarding horse’s hearts, and BOY have I read some pretty fascinating stuff! There are different types of diseases that affect a heart like mine, so I decided to do a bit of research on how to prevent them. These are my “Top 3 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Horse Heart.”

  1. Exercise: All horses should exercise for about 30 minutes to an hour, three to four times a week at the very MININUM. You can ride your horse up to six times a week; a horse should always have at least one full day of rest. Remember it is crucial that you always warm up a horse before exercising, and to cool down after exercising to prevent an injury.
  2. A Healthy Diet: Horses require six main types of nutrients to survive, they include: water, fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. For information regarding a healthy diet and the best ways to give your horse the nutrients it needs Click Here. This fact was created by Dr. Williams and will give you a quick rundown of what a horse needs.
  3. Checkup: This might be the most important, but make sure your horse is visiting the vet at least 2 times a year and that their vaccines are up to date! To see what your horse should be vaccinated for, take a look at our Vaccination Educational Resource Kit Here.

So the next time you see a heart candy or chocolate I hope you remember to keep your horse’s heart heathy.

And while you’re thinking of keeping your horse healthy, take a look at what INFH at Rutgers is doing! Its new café Harvest is offering a healthy “Valentine’s Menu” tomorrow, Thursday the 11th! Be sure to check it out.

Valentines Day Blog Post

 Learn more about Harvest Cafe Here!

I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to spoil your horse with love! WE have feelings too! Until next time.

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