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Guess what time of year it is?? It’s summer so that means the Equine Science Center’s annual Summer Showcase is coming up!! The event will take place on Wednesday, July 11th from 10:00am – 12:00pm. My gal-pals Randy and Jolee will be participating in the crowd favorite high-speed treadmill demonstration! In addition, my good pal RU Wishone, the full-size equine skeleton, will be used to teach anatomy. You will have to put your equine science knowledge to the test with our famous jeopardy game! And finally, we will be reviewing the new “Equine Science 4 Kids” Interactive dentition presentation. OH I forgot to mention the best part: the event is FREE. We just ask for you to please register in advance at the link attached here: bit.ly/2018SummerShowcase.

As your friend, I want to make sure you are prepared for the dentition review with some basic facts! Did you know you can estimate a horse’s age and sex based on teeth eruption?? That means you can tell whether a horse is male or female, and can approximate its age depending on which teeth have grown in!

The future equine scientists explaining how to age and sex a horse by its teeth!

Male horses (geldings and stallions) have an extra 4 teeth that lie on the top and bottom gums between the 3rd incisors and the first premolars; this area is typically in front of where the bit rests in a horse’s mouth! It is very unlikely female horses (mares) have canine teeth!

Incisors, or the teeth used to pick up hay and grass, erupt cranial to caudal. This means the front two teeth erupt first, and then the ones to the left and right sides follow. With respect to age, permanent incisors typically erupt at 2.5 years, 3.5 years, and 4.5 years.

Make sure you come to the Summer Showcase to learn more facts about aging by dentition and equine dental care! Hope to see you there! I even heard a rumor there may be strawberry frosted donuts 😉


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