Nelson behind snowHoly Hoofprints! I’m moving!  Well, my blog is anyway.

I have to apologize for not keeping in touch, but packing boxes is not easy to do with just my hooves!  Now the snow has covered all of them and you can barely see me!  My blog will no longer be on Blogger, but on the Equine Science Center’s brand-new website!  Check out the little sneak peek below. Blog Sneak peek

I am just bucking with excitement!  If you are looking for a particular post, you can search all my blog posts with a keyword.  For instance, I want to look for all my posts about doughnuts.  Oh boy…I talk about doughnuts a lot, don’t I?  Mmmm…powdered, jelly doughnuts…

Enough about sweets… Stay tuned for the launch of the Center’s “New Look” and the new home of my blog, “Holy Hoofprints”!

Your Pal,

Hoof print_brown




Lord Nelson

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  1. wendy

    Mar 18, 2015

    Did you move to Boston? I see all of the snow?

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