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Have you had a chance to check out the Ryders Lane Virtual Tour on the Equine Science Center website (https://esc.rutgers.edu/rlp/rl_virtual_tour.htm)? There you can find all kinds of cool information about what farmers, particularly horse farmers, can do to keep the environment clean. The guidelines farmers follow when trying to preserve the environment are called “Best Management Practices.” The professors at the Equine Science Center sometimes refer to them as just BMPs.

When I was clicking (or maybe it was clopping) through the virtual tour, I saw a lot of other acronyms. It seems like grown-ups are awful fond of saying things like:

  • CNMP (Certified Nutrient Management Plan)
  • ICM (Integrated Crop Management)
  • LNFP (Lord Nelson Feeding Plan)

Okay, I made that last one up! But there are a lot of interesting things mentioned in the virtual tour. Have you ever heard of rain gardens or bioswales? What about humus (not hummus, which is what vegetarians eat) and pH balance ? Something that is near and dear to my heart was the rotational grazing system at Ryders Lane. Rotational grazing is the reason I have plenty of grass to eat during the summer, even during the hot and dry summer we have had this year.

If you enjoy the Ryders Lane virtual tour, you can always visit the actual farm and take the self-guided tour. You can see the BMPs up close at the farm. When you visit, please tell my equine friends I said hello!

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