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I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July. I had a great view of some fireworks from underneath the old apple tree in my pasture, with plenty of treats from the BBQ next door!

Unfortunately, not everything this weekend went perfectly. Last week I got a scratch on my eye, which was quite irritating. My caretakers put a fly mask on my head and put tape over the spot where my right eye is located to keep the sun out. They also had antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine to put in my eye. Now, I really hate having the fly mask on since it keeps me from seeing everything that is going on out at the farm, and I especially hate having medicine rubbed in my eye, but after 37 years I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to take your medicine and listen to others that know what is best for you.

My caretakers did what every responsible horse-person does and called their veterinarian to take a look at my eye. It turns out that I have more than just a scratch – I have glaucoma (glä-kō-mä). It may sound like really bad news, but lucky for me, they found it early. Up until now my vision has been great and I haven’t had any discomfort. You may have heard of your grandparents or people their age having glaucoma, but you might not be too familiar with what it is. Since I’m a pretty web-savvy horse, I hit-up the internet to see what I could find out. In horses, glaucoma basically means that there is a buildup of fluid and pressure in the eye, which will impair vision and be uncomfortable. There is no cure, and I will eventually lose sight in my eye, but that is part of getting old. Right now I am on medicine that will decrease the fluid in my eye and relieve some of the pressure, but it will also decrease the fluid in the rest of my body. This type of medicine is called a diuretic (dī-ur-et-ik). To make sure I don’t lose too much fluid, my caretakers are careful to give me plenty of electrolytes and water, and are making sure I don’t get overheated!

On the bright side, I got a new feeder this weekend! It is an old tire with a bowl fit in it, so I can bang it around all I want to let my caretakers know I’m hungry. You might not get too excited about new plates and bowls, but to me it was like getting a new baseball glove, bicycle, and Hula Hoop all at once! Check out the new pics in my slideshow of my new tire, me getting some sunscreen, and other happenings at my farm!

Stay tuned for more posts this month, we have some big projects in the works for Equine Science 4 Kids!

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