Hay everyone!

RU ready for Rutgers Day? Yes, even those of us at the Equine Science Center like to use “RU” instead of “are you” every chance we get. Anyway, while my friends are doing their part to help prepare for the big event, it’s my job to tell y’all about what we have lined up. Ag Field Day here on Cook Campus is part of Rutgers Day, a free event across all five campuses that showcases the work of the people of the university. This year, Rutgers Day will be on Saturday, April 27th from 10am to 4pm. That means we get to show off everything that we do here at the ESC!

The morning kicks off with the Animal Handling Shows where students showcase their skills in front of judges. The Cook Farm remains open for everyone to explore for the rest of the day. We’ll be having some of your favorite activities by the Red Barn so make sure to say hi! Lots of other clubs and organizations will be there too, and I heard a rumor about a cookout hosted by the Animal Sciences department.

Our main event is the two treadmill demonstrations, which take place at 1pm and 2pm at the Treadmill Lab (conveniently located within the Red Barn). You’ll want to stop by about 30 minutes before because the barn can fill up fast. We won’t want to spook my four-legged friend running on the treadmill by having to open the barn door after the start time! Afterwards, you can come and say hi to some of the other horses we have right here on campus.


I can’t wait to see y’all on Saturday the 27th!

Your friend,

Lord Nelson

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