IMG_6840Hay there Gang!

I hope everyone is settling back into the swing of school now, and that you all are getting as excited as I am to learn a bunch of new fun facts this year! The Horse Heroes at the Red Barn on College Farm Road are chomping at the bit to start their newest research projects, and students are trotting all over the Rutgers Campuses. The buzz of energy in the air is contagious; it’s like winning a grand championship at a competition!

DoughnutsWith the start of a new phase, it is important to set new goals. There is nothing better than to have a routine when you want to get better at something! You practice jumper courses, dressage moves, bending around barrels and breezing on the racetrack so that you can improve your skills each time. So, what goals do you want to set for yourself with the start of this new academic year?? Personally, I have a few to accomplish myself.

Firstly, I plan to run faster than 13 mph on the equine treadmill this year! I have decided that I will sprint back and forth in my pasture for three minute bursts, ten times throughout the day. I will also build upper body strength by continually attempting to push my steel gate open with my nose, neck and chest; and I will build up my hind end to propel myself forward on the treadmill by doing many squat repetitions each day. (I saw this exercise being done by one of the Equine Science Center’s research mares.)

Secondly, I plan to set the Guinness Book of World Records for most doughnuts eaten in 3 minutes. So far the record to beat is six powdered doughnuts (No Problem!!). The only challenge to accomplish this goal will be to create a liking for powdered doughnuts, instead of my usual frosting.

Finally, and most importantly, I will learn something new every day. This is the easiest one and the hardest one! I can find new cool facts to impress my pasture pals all the time just by going on Equine Science 4 Kids! I plan to go through all of the different sections (Nutrition, Exercise, and Environment) that it has to offer, play each game (multiple times) and do the activities that are posted on the website. Between my exercise regimen and doughnut eating I will have just enough time to jump on the site and find a new fact. And there you have it! My new routine for the fall: run, refuel and research!

I can’t wait to get started! Tell me some of the goals you have set for yourself this season…

Gotta Run!

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