Valentine’s Day is almost here, and I’ve been racking my brain on what to get my girlfriend HugMe Christi to show my affections. She’s the best pasture-mate I could ask for; always there to look over me while I take my afternoon naps, graze by my side, and help me get the flies off any hard to reach places. Not only is she my special someone, but my best friend as well, so it’s only fitting to get her something special to show her how much I care! I was talking to my buddy Could Be Magic about it and I told him I was thinking about getting her a big box of chocolates after seeing how much humans enjoy them. Magic said it wasn’t one of my best ideas; although horses can eat chocolate in small amounts, a big box can have serious consequences. I was so surprised!

Chocolate morsels can be a decadent treat for humans but should be avoided by racehorses (like my buddy Magic) because it contains two substances that could cause the horse to test positive in pre-race screenings; caffeine and theobromine. These components are known to be “stimulants” or substances that are banned from racing because they are thought to give the horse a competitive advantage. If a racehorse tests positive for either of these substances, they can lose their winnings and be disqualified…that’s no treat at all! Not only can it harm the careers of racehorses, but large amounts of chocolate can also make a horse sick so when you’re thinking of what to get your “valenquine”, you might want to skip the candy aisle and head straight to produce!

So with chocolates out of the question, I still don’t know what to get my lovely gal pal for Valentine’s Day! I need your help…let me know what you think would be a good gift for my lady friend in the comments section below!


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