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I picked up the newspaper today and it was like looking in the mirror! Two of my favorite New Jersey newspapers featured yours truly in an article about Equine Science 4 Kids! If you did not have a chance to grab a copy of the paper, you can click here to read the article.

I am glad they chose to feature me during the Month of the Horse! All this talk about June being the Month of the Horse got me to thinking, “Why does New Jersey have a month dedicated to horses?” Of course, I know why horses are so great, but what made the folks in Trenton decide to celebrate horses every June?

It turns out that a couple of kids made it happen! That’s right, it all started when a fifth and eighth grader convinced the state legislature to declare the horse the official state animal in 1977. Boy they made a good call with that one!

Did you know that the horse is even featured on the state seal, representing power and strength? Since horses have such a strong history in the Garden State, and because horses improve the economy and quality of life for the people of New Jersey, we have been celebrating the Month of the Horse since 1998!

Here are some interesting facts about the horse industry in New Jersey from my friends at the Equine Science Center:

  • The horse industry contributes over $1 billion annually to the economy in New Jersey! That could buy a lot of apples and carrots!
  • 13,000 people work in the New Jersey horse industry! That includes trainers, veterinarians, and the owner of your local feed or tack store, among many others.
  • 176,000 acres are used to house horses in New Jersey! In other words, one fifth of all the agricultural land in the Garden State is related to horses. I sure am grateful for all the farmers out there raising hay and grain for us to eat (46,000 acres worth), we can’t survive on hot dogs alone! I also love seeing my horse friends running and playing in nice, open, and green pastures all throughout the state!
  • 42,500 horses live in the Garden State! Hunterdon, Monmouth, and Burlington counties have the greatest number of horse farms and stables.

Between my excitement over that awesome article and crunching all those numbers about horses in New Jersey, this old boy is getting a little sleepy! I think I’ll sign off and take a nap in the sun!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Prasanna

    Dec 11, 2015

    I have the same collection but with cows itsaend of horses. Some of them were my dad's when he was little and I love trying to picture him as a 4 year old with his toy cows.I bet she will be excited about the ponies when she gets older!

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