Hey Kids!

Do you remember my pal Frankie? She starred in “Horses on Treadmills?!” here on Equine Science 4 Kids! Well, she is back along with some of my other friends from the Equine Science Center. Take the new Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory virtual tour on the Equine Science Center website. The virtual tour of the “Treadmill Laboratory” will show you what the scientists and students at the Equine Science Center do.

Did any of you see me at the 4-H State Championship Horse Show on August 27th? Being back in the show ring made me feel like a colt again! I was feeling so good, I had a hard time staying still during the opening ceremonies. I ate so much cake and ice cream that I completely blew my diet! There are some new pictures of yours truly enjoying the festivities; check them out!

Remember, if you have any questions about equine science, you can email me at LordNelson@njaes.rutgers.edu.

Until next time friends!
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