Season’s greetings friends and “neigh”bors! The holiday season is upon us and I am so excited! Nothing can compare to some soupy, hot bran mash on a chilly night, or one of those sweet and crunchy candy canes that I love so much. But it’s most important this time of year to show how much we appreciate the people we love; after all, it’s better to give than to receive! (Or is it?!) Well luckily, the Rutgers Equine Science Center has come up with some great ideas for gifts this holiday season so you can give and receive simultaneously!

A unique way to show a loved one (human or equine!) that you care is to make a donation to the Equine Science Center in their name. As a thank you for the donation, the Center will recognize the recipient on their website’s “Honor Roll” page, which serves as a tribute for a special someone who has made an imprint (or hoofprint) on your heart. A donation gift will also provide valuable support to the nation’s leading equine research center. For ways to donate, click here.

“So what about the receiving part, Lord Nelson?” Well in addition to the emotional satisfaction of helping to make the world a better place for your equine friends, for donations over $100, the Equine Science Center will send a set of correspondence cards featuring the equine-related artwork of six New Jersey 4-H Horse Project members. These kids did such a great job paying tribute to horses through their artwork that we featured them on greeting cards for you to share! Check out one of the thumbnails below!card-art-2

Best wishes from me and everyone else at the Equine Science Center, for a happy, healthy, and horsey holiday season! See you next year!

Hoof print_brown

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