Ag Field Day at Rutgers Day is coming on April 30, from 10am – 4pm, and I’m so excited! My friends in the research herd will show their stuff on the treadmill, and answer YOUR questions about anything and everything that happens in the Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory.


WHAT?!? You’ve never seen a horse on a treadmill?? Well, now’s your chance!! It’s really pretty cool. There will be TWO treadmill demos, the first at 1:00pm and the second at 2:00pm sharp! Late-comers will not be admitted in order to ensure the safety of our horses and guests. You’ve seen the video, you’ve played the game, Exercising Horse Power. Now see it for real!

Treadmill demo_JanieRU Wishbone












Have you met Wishbone? Wishbone is our full-scale equine skeleton. Wishbone gives you the chance to learn about the bone structure of a horse, and our Center experts will be on hand to answer your questions…like, which part of Wishbone’s skeleton is equivalent to the human knee? Come find out!Tattoo3


We’re also celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Equine Science Center. There will be giveaways and goodies. We’ll be highlighting the incredible research done over that time, and you can see how the Center’s work affects you and your horse directly. Plus, you can also get your hands on some cool swag – saddle pads, vests, we’ve got it!

In addition to all that good stuff, you’ll be able to meet the Rutgers University Teaching Herd (RUTH). RUTH has a diverse group of horse breeds made up of 2 Saddlebreds, 2 Arabians, 2 Standardbreds and 1 Appaloosa. We hope to see you there!

For more information, click here!


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